Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Bylaws

The SAAC will be guided by the following principles: ethics, integrity, fairness, and a respect for diversity,which shall include attention to gender, race, ethnicity, and sport.

Mission Statement
The mission of Brevard College’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enable student-athletes to participate in developing leadership skills both inside and outside the field of competitions, to protect student-athlete well-being, and to provide a vehicle through which athletics department administrators discuss with student-athletes issues regarding the management, operation, and rules that govern the athletics department and its sports’ teams.

Duties of SAAC Representatives
1. Attend all SAAC meetings and related events
2. Serve as liaison between the member’s respective sport to the committee and the athletics department
3. Serve the needs of fellow student-athletes via leadership and support
4. Serve on at least one sub-committee with active involvement.
5. Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus and in the community
6. Assist in the growth and development of SAAC
7. Play an integral role in the structure of our athletics department and its formulation of policies regarding student-athlete well-being.

1. Two student-athletes from each team will serve as representatives on the committee. The representatives will be chosen by application to be reviewed by head coach, athletic advisor, SAAC advisor, and SAAC officers. The student-athlete should be in good academic standing.
2. Members are encouraged to serve for multiple years.
3. Members are to be selected from different class levels (i.e. we don’t want all sr.’s every year).

1. There shall be one meeting a month, held every two weeks on Sunday.
2. All meetings will be held at the Conference Meeting Room in the cafeteria building.
3. Meeting should last no longer than 1-½ hours.
4. Sub-committee meetings, outside of the monthly "SAAC" meeting, are mandatory.

Preparing for Meetings
- Review agenda and all attachments sent prior to the meeting.
- At each meeting we will review current and proposed projects/proposals, discuss submitted agenda items, and open the floor for any pertinent discussion. Time will be made available for scheduled presentations/speakers. Each meeting will end with a clear statement of action items required before the next meeting.

Missing A Meeting
- Attendance at all SAAC meetings is required. Absences are excused only in the following only in the following cases: documented emergencies, athletic competition occurring during scheduled meetings, or if you have a common exam.
- If an individual is to miss a meeting, he or she must inform the SAAC advisor through e-mail or in person of his or her planned absence prior to the meeting.
- Two unexcused absences are cause for dismissal from the SAAC.

Duties of SAAC Officers
• Conducts monthly SAAC meetings
• Organizes monthly officer meetings
• Prepares meeting agendas and forwards it to members prior to monthly meeting
• Oversees SAAC events
• Meets regularly with SAAC advisor and other Athletics Administrators
• Serves as liaison to SAC and National SAAC (attends SAC- SAAC meetings and participates in conference calls)
• Serves as student-athlete representative on Athletics Council
• Chairs an assigned committee

• Assist President with all duties and meetings
• Represent President when that person is unable to attend an event/meeting
• Perform duties as requested by the President
• Regularly attend student-government meetings and provides cabinet reports
• Attends monthly officer meetings
• Participates in all SAC and National SAAC conference calls
• Chairs an assigned committee

• Take minutes and attendance at all SAAC Meetings
• Participates in all SAC and National SAAC conference calls
• Coordinate subcommittees and track meetings
• Archive all minutes and written correspondence in shared SAAC folder
• Attends monthly officer meeting
• Provides assistance to Promotions and Marketing Coordinator as needed
• Chairs an assigned committee

Promotions and Marketing Coordinator
• Provide updated SAAC information to Brevard College webmaster and SID
• Photograph SAAC events
• Archive all photos in shared SAAC folder
• Work with each event committee on marketing and promotions strategies
• Promote SAAC activities
• Meet regularly with SAAC advisor
• Attends monthly officer meetings
• Participates in all SAC and National SAAC conference calls
• Chairs an assigned committee

Media and Community Service Coordinator
• Assist community service event chairs with organizational tasks
• Monitors committee service event progress
• Serves as liaison between committee chairs and SAAC officers
• Attends monthly officer meetings
• Participates in all SAC and National SAAC conference calls
• Chairs an assigned committee

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