Seaman inks professional contract with VBC Biel-Bienne

2010 BC Volleyball graduate continues her career in Switzerland

Brevard, N.C. - Brooke Seaman, 2010 Brevard College alum and former BC volleyball player, signed a professional contract with VBC Biel-Bienne, a member of the First Division Swiss National A-League located in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

Seaman’s contract will run through the remainder of the 2011-2012 season, where she will most likely lineup as a middle hitter under Head Coach Pedro Carlino and his staff.

"It is very exciting to see an athlete improve so much over a four year period," commented BC Volleyball Head Coach Brenda Skeffington. "We talk about achieving your peak performance and striving for excellence every day and Brooke not only was extremely coachable but she took advantage of coming back in the spring season of her senior year to play and also came back to work camps just to improve. One of her favorite mottos was ‘Believe and Achieve’ and that is a great lesson in life. She truly took advantage of all the physical, mental, and spiritual lessons and took her game constantly to the next level. I am so proud of her!"

Seaman played at Brevard College from 2006-2009 and her name dots the Brevard College career record books as she finished her career third all-time on the BC kills list with 1,508 career kills, second all-time in attack percentage, hitting 29.0 percent from the floor and is the Tornados career leader in total blocks with 502.

Seaman recently sat down with Brevard College Athletic Media Relations Director Seth Montgomery and was able to provide comments and insight before she began her professional career.

How did you find out about the opportunity to go overseas?
I began building a rapport with the head coach of VBC Biel-Bienne, through a dear friend and mentor of mine, Stefani Eddins (North Carolina State University and Athletic Coast Conference (ACC) standout. I was considered for this season with VBC Biel-Bienne at the beginning of the recruiting cycle, but the club took a major budget cut. However, last Thursday morning, at approx. 7:30am, I received a message via Facebook from the head coach letting me know of a new opportunity due to changes in the roster. Talks of making it happen immediately started and by the end of the day, Pedro gave me the great news that they club board had approved the transfer. That Thursday night at approx. 9:30pm, I found out that my long dream would finally come true! Friday morning I woke up with the contract in my email, and the instructions to print and sign if I had accepted the terms. After conferring with my mentor Stefani, I promptly found my Brevard pen, and proudly signed the contract in the presence of my parents.

How long have you been working to get an opportunity like this?
My journey started when I began playing in 11th grade at F.W. Springstead High School here in Florida, almost 8 years ago. Once I started playing I made it my goal to go pro, and the first step was college. I have been training on my own for over a year now, playing semi-pro beach to better my individual defense and keep my other skills up.

How did your time here at Brevard College prepare you for the opportunity to play overseas?
Being a college student-athlete prepared me for the fact that volleyball will now be my job. While at Brevard College, I learned that alongside being a student, your sport is like a job in that it takes up the majority of your time. I was able to get used to sleeping, eating, and breathing my sport for an extended period of time. Not everyone can take on the day in and day out of a student-athlete, it really does define your college experience. So if anything, college got me ready for the idea of scheduling my day to day tasks and activities around volleyball, and all the training and preparation that comes with it. There is more time devoted to the sport than just being in the gym practicing and playing; there is training time in the weight room, film sessions and strategy talk, control of your diet, and many hours traveling to and from games. In college I was an art major as well as an athlete. I had to find time to devote my attention to both aspects while also being successful equally. With playing professionally, it will be my job to be a volleyball player. I will not have to balance school and work; I can devote all my time to work. I would like to thank Coach Brenda Skeffington for giving me the opportunity to play in college when no one else would. Coming out of high school with only two years of experience I had barely any stats, a horrible video, and I was an extremely raw player with big dreams. Coach made the risky move of giving me the opportunity to play for Brevard only after seeing a small glimpse of potential. I was not able to receive the proper training in high school, and finally I was able to get that at Brevard.

What would you like to say to your supporters here in Brevard as you look to continue your career?
Thank you so much for everyone who has ever supported me in my dream chasing in any way. The one thing I love the most about this dream of mine is that it is no secret how important it is to me, and everyone who knows me knows this. And so when everyone found out, there wasn't just an empty congratulation, I couldn't have done this without the support of friends, family, and complete strangers. To my supporters, I represent where I come from with pride. When I was in college, I proudly represented the red, white, and blue of the F.W. Springstead H.S. Eagles, and in Europe I will proudly represent the blue and white of the Brevard College Tornados, as well as the White Squirrel of the town of Brevard! :)

What will be your biggest obstacle that you foresee in your adaptation to Europe?
The culture. Not only will the language be different, but my entire lifestyle will change. From the food I eat to the clothes I wear, all the way down to the way I separate my trash. I do have a little experience with adaptation because I lived in Germany from the age of 4 months to almost 7 years, thanks to my father's career in the U.S. Army. It did help a little that I was in fact adapting from a European lifestyle to an American one.

What do you think you'll miss the most when you're overseas?
My family. We are so close. I will miss them terribly. My parents have supported me the most of out everyone in my life, and that support makes the emotional aspect of leaving not as hard as it could be.

What would you like to say in encouragement to the current Brevard College volleyball team?
Keep fighting! Brevard has been known to be a fighting institution. We were always the underdogs and upon entering the South Atlantic Conference we knew the challenge that lay ahead with the caliber of teams in the conference, with the top five breaking into the best teams in the southeast region of Division II. If it was thought that Brevard College could not succeed in the South Atlantic Conference we would never have been put in it in the first place. Brevard is part of the NCAA Division II program, and rightfully able to succeed. It takes a certain kind of strength and dedication to be part of a developing program from start to finish of one's college athletic career. You should all be proud of yourselves and what you have done to develop Brevard into the program it is now, and the program it will be for those who follow. GO BC!

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