Friday, March 23, 2012


Baseball players, coaches, students and community members shave their heads in Myers Dining Hall

Brevard, N.C. - Brevard College went BaseBald Friday evening in the reserve dining room in Myers Dining Hall as the 43 members of the Tornados baseball team and all four of the BC baseball coaches had their heads shaved in support of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s fight against childhood cancer.

With lots of smiles and comments about the need for sunscreen this weekend, several other students from Brevard College, as well as a fundraising team called the "Hairless Wonders", all submitted to the razor on Friday evening as the Tornados raised over $6,000 to donate to St. Baldrick’s.

"A lot of people were here watching, cheering us on tonight, which was pretty cool," commented Coach Matt McCay, who was the first to sit in the chair. "I thought the event went really well. All of our guys shaved, and we even had a couple walkups that joined in with us in support of pediatric cancer. Any time you can go into a public display and do something like this is a great thing."

A lot of preparation and planning went into the BaseBald event at Brevard College, and Coach McCay was quick to offer thanks to many of the people and business involved. "I’d love to give thanks to my wife Julie for setting everything up, St. Baldrick’s, Chase Jones, the organizer and creator of "BaseBald", and all of our barbers and hairstylists for coming out to support this event."

Nine barbers and hairstylists helped shear the baseball team on Friday evening, coming from Salon Allure, Hair Mechanix, Mane Attraction and the West Main Barber Shop. Dugan’s Pub also provided a donation as people who brought in specially designed "BaseBald" tickets this past Friday saw 10 percent of their check go towards the BC event. Jet’s Pizza also played a major role in sponsoring the event, donating 15 pizzas for the baseball players to enjoy as the shaving was going on.

Julie McCay could not hide her excitement at the success of the event. "I’m thrilled, it was more successful than I could have ever imagined, both donation-wise and participation-wise," she commented. "The room was just positive and everybody was really excited, it was just amazing, I couldn’t have asked for more!"

Donations are still being accepted as the Tornados "BaseBald" event will still be active on the St. Baldrick’s website for the next couple of weeks. For more information on how to donate click on the link below, or visit

When asked if he had any final thoughts on the event, Coach McCay mentioned, "I’d love to get some of the other teams in the South Atlantic Conference involved. It’s such a great thing, and our kids really made a selfless act in being involved in this."

For more information on the Brevard "BaseBald" event, or to donate to support the cause, click on the link below:
Brevard College - St. Baldrick's Event/Donation Page
To learn more about St. Baldrick's "BaseBald" events

Be a hero for kids with cancer! The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. Get involved and you'll be giving hope to infants, children, teens and young adults fighting childhood cancers.