Monday, January 1, 2001


What is a news feed?
Simply put, a news feed (also known as a RSS feed) is a way for internet users to see what's new on a website without actually visiting the site. Users can collect news feeds on topics of interest in their news readers (also known as news aggregators) and determine what stories they want to read based on the title of the news article.

Before RSS, website publishers might have alerted site visitors to new content through e-mail (if site visitors had provided their addresses), but were still dependent on those visitors to re-visit the site to view the new content. With RSS, internet users can jump directly to articles of interest by clicking links in the news reader. In addition, webmasters can syndicate their site content to keep content fresh, dynamically.

How do I subscribe to the feed?
1. Using newer web browsers:

2. Using web-based news readers (personalized home pages) or software-based news readers:

Copy the address below:

and paste it into the form field where you have been prompted to add the URL of the news feed.

To learn more about RSS and news feeds, read about it at Wikipedia.