Brevard College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


The Brevard College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will be guided by the following principles: ethics, integrity, fairness, and a respect for diversity, which shall include attention to gender, race, ethnicity, and sport.

Mission Statement 
The mission of Brevard College’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enable student-athletes to participate in developing leadership skills both inside and outside the field of competitions, to protect student-athlete well-being, and to provide a vehicle through which athletics department administrators discuss with student-athletes issues regarding the management, operation, and rules that govern the athletics department and its sports’ teams.

Spring 2014 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Meeting Dates
Meetings are all in the Institute Room (Myers Dining Hall at 7 p.m.)
Sunday, January 26th
Sunday, February 16th 
Sunday, March 16th
Sunday, April 13th